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 Whether you embark yourself on your journey by learning how to self-coach or choose personalized coaching:
This will be a journey of empowerment with meaningful goals and lasting personal growth.
We offer personal coaching focussed on making real changes in your life. A golden mix of life crafting & emotional intelligence where we combine the benefits of an actionable roadmap and personal development to create permanent changes.

From Dreaming To Reality

Work On Yourself
With Yourself
For Yourself

Live the life
that matters to you!

Not ready for personal 1-on-1 coaching,

but do you want to get started on your own terms?

Join our online Self-Coaching Life Crafting program now!

We offer an unique and comprehensive program with step by step guidance to close the gap between your current reality and your dreams. A program designed with proven strategies to create more clarity, gain more confidence, set you up for success, achieve your dreams and craft a life of fulfilment and happiness.

Take the reins in your own handsand and climb at your own pace!
No worries, there is a Certified Coach available for you whenever you have any questions or doubts.


Key elements in this journey include self-discovery and taking small consistent steps towards your desired outcome. It is a journey of embracing a growth mindset, being open to new experiences, eliminating limiting beliefs and continuously evaluating and adjusting your plans as needed with the ultimate goal:
To live a fulfilling and purpose-driven life on your own terms.

personal roadmap.jpg

Interested in Private Coaching? Let´s have a virtual coffee

During your free consultation, we will work together to clarify your goals. We will visualize your future and focus on how to create change, take action and make a difference in the long term. Together we will uncover what beliefs you hold of yourself that are blocking and witholding you from reaching your goals.


This free introductory session only takes a couple of minutes to schedule, no payment method required and the only obligation is for you to show up, for yourself.

You will be provided with an example of what your personal coaching trajectory would look like. I will also explain what to expect from me and do a screening on the minimal requirements needed to start your journey.

Take charge of Your Life, Invest in Yourself
and Begin Your Transformation

Kate - Arizona

¨Linda has a hands on approach and the ability to connect the dots very quickly. We worked on creating tools I could immediately apply in my everyday life and my professional work environment. So rewarding and valuable.¨

Unfold into the best version of yourself.

The true version of yourself that will make your dreams come true!

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