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What is Life Crafting?

It is not easy in these modern times to keep your eyes on the ball: to stay focused to accomplish your personal goals. Even worse, most people find it hard to even define their goals and purpose in life, what they really want to achieve and what life will make them happy and leave them fulfilled. Therefore, a more structured approach will help people to create more insight and take the right course of action. This is Life Crafting. Life Crafting is the process in which you actively reflect on your present and future life. It is a type of wellness coaching that supports you to take control of your life and take steps toward your new life. You 2.0 Our motto: Live the life that matters to you! During a Life Crafting coaching program, you will be guided in clarifying your goals and creating your personal roadmap. Based on your roadmap you will make concrete plans on how to achieve your goals and take actions to make changes in the areas in your life which require changes in order for you take charge and close the gap between reality and dreams. Actively working on your dreams, and therefore crafting your life the way you want to live will lead to greater fulfillment and happiness.

Usually, the process exists out of a few steps for you to go through such as; reflecting on current and future life; writing down specific goals and creating your own life script; reflecting on current habits, beliefs and thinking patterns; decide what still serves you and is in line with your personal values and goals and decide what are the things to let go off; setting new intentions, committing to actions and build new habits that support your goals in life. You will see and feel yourself evolving throughout your journey and that makes Life Crafting very powerful. You are in charge, you take the lead and the journey itself is just as rewarding as reaching your goals. Is Life Crafting something for you? Let´s have a look...

  • Do you feel you are not living up to your full potential, or miss a sense of accomplishment, and would you like to change that?

  • Do you have personal goals in life you want to achieve, but you don´t know where to start?

  • Do you feel you´ve been holding back in life, and would you like to take back the reins?

  • Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself?

  • Are you ready to commit to yourself?

If you can answer the above questions with a ´YES!´ then life coaching is something for you! Request your free coffee session to check out how I can help you. Interested in more? Connect with me by clicking the button below:

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